Donate / Wish List

Please think about making a donation and help us succeed in our goal of ending companion animal overpopulation. Monetary donations are very welcome and very gratefully received. Can you sponsor a cat's surgery? Or a dog's?
There are many in our community who are eager to spay or neuter their pets but for whom even our low costs will be difficult.


If you would like to contribute to ensure even more pets are helped, please make a financial contribution. SpayNation is under the umbrella of Wild Cat Foundation, a non profit 501c(3) organization: all financial donations are tax deductible.






  • You can make monetary donations by sending a check or money order to:

         SpayNation for Dogs & Cats
         1640 North Bertrand Drive
         Lafayette, LA 70506






  • You can use PayPal for a secure online donation.

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donation via PayPal.



  • If you would like to help, but are not able to contribute financially, our center is always in need of supplies and consumables. Our wish-list is below, and we welcome donations!


   * AA Batteries

   * Blankets

   * Bleach

   * Cat litter (basic clay, non-clumping)          

   * Clipboards

   * Dish detergent

   * Distilled water

   * Hand sanitizer

   * Kitchen sponges

   * Laundry detergent

  * Lint rollers 

   * Lysol spray

   * Masking tape

   * Paper towels

   * Peroxide

   * Pillow cases

   * Pinesol

   * Pipe cleaner brushes                     

   * Plastic spray bottles

   * Rice (uncooked)

   * Rubbing alcohol

   * Scrubbing brushes

   * Socks, athletic size

   * Soft soap

  * Spray glass cleaner

   * Stainless steel pet food bowls

   * Toilet bowl cleaner

   * Toilet paper

   * Towels

   * Trash bags, all sizes

   * Tupperware bowls

   * Zip ties

   * Ziploc bags (all sizes)